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FYI on TV-13 News

JENISON, Mich. (WZZM) – Many food trends start on the west coast and work their way here. Self-serve frozen yogurt appears to be no exception. Steve and Peggy VanKoevering just opened FYI – Frozen Yogurt Inspirations in the Cottonwood Plaza. They had been thinking of starting their own business for years, and when they came across a self-serve frozen yogurt store in Arizona, the plan crystallized.

Customers can choose how much of the fat free yogurt they want, then add all kinds of toppings, everything from fresh fruits to chocolate pieces. Each serving is paid for by the ounce. Some make a meal; others just a snack. They believe they are the first to offer this concept in west Michigan.

frozen-yogurt-inspirations-jenison-mi“The fun really is a big piece of it, being able to come in and do it yourself and all of the choices – it’s great watching the kids come in and their eyes get big – they see that wall of candy – that’s the fun part,” Peggy VanKoevering said Monday.

The new business opened Friday. The VanKoeverings say they’re excited to be a new addition to the Jenison community.

By Peter Ross


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